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Gifts of the Magpie

Coming March 2021 - Preorder now! Preorder at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

A scrappy story with an excellent message, Gifts of the Magpie tells of a big-hearted bird who loves to find things and loves to help — but confusion over homonyms causes the bird to get everything wrong! Will the magpie ever get it right? Then the bird’s friends take a second look at the gifts and realize that, with a little creativity, the magpie gave them just what they needed. Scrap illustrations provide a feast for the eyes, and young readers will delight in discovering how found objects can be transformed into treasures.

Published by Capstone. 

Recipient of the coveted Kirkus Star: 

Asked to find specific items for her friends, a well-intentioned magpie seems to get it all wrong—or does she?

Adept at “finding things,” the magpie asks her friends if there’s anything she can find for them. Weary of winter, the goat asks for “spring!” but is not amused when the magpie presents a metal spring. Feeling lonely, the mouse wants “another mouse” and is very disappointed with the computer mouse the magpie locates. The homeless hog wants “a pen of my very own” to live in, not the ballpoint pen the magpie finds. The hungry squirrel asks for a “nut” to eat, not the bit of hardware the magpie retrieves. After asking for a “pair of glasses,” the farsighted owl’s surprised when the magpie returns with drinking glasses. And the boy who asks for a baseball “bat” is terrified with the live bat the magpie tosses him. How could the magpie get everything so wrong? But with some “creative thinking,” the magpie’s friends eventually “turn blunders into wonders!” With its clever wordplay, the text humorously introduces the concept of homonyms. These are explained in a “Did You Know?” section in the backmatter while the “About the Art” section details how scrap artist Hundley assembled found objects on white backgrounds to produce the intriguing, striking illustrations, which appropriately reinforce the magpie’s penchant for finding things.

A unique celebration of playful creativity. (Picture book. 6-9)